What is Riverside I/O?

We are a non-for profit coworking/hackerspace located in the heart of downtown. We exist for two reasons: 1) to provide a co-working space for like-minded individuals and 2) to encourage a tech community in the Inland Empire region. Riverside IO have partnered up with multiple organizations such as the City of Riverside and multiple tech entrepreneurs.

What is a coworking space?

The standard definition of coworking is a style of work that involves a shared working environment, often an office, and independent activity. Unlike in a typical office environment, those coworking are usually not employed by the same organization. Coworking offers a solution to the problem of isolation that many freelancers experience while working at home, while at the same time letting them escape the distractions of home.

What types of companies work at Riverside I/O?

All different types of people work at Riverside I/O – including web developers, app developers, lawyers, politicians, marketers, and many more!

 Why Riverside I/O?

Riverside I/O aims to foster innovation and entrepreneur in the City of Riverside. We want to build a community of techies as an economic driver. We are flexible with our membership, so if you decide to try us out and leave its not a problem. 


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