The Riverside Ruby Group was started at Riverside.IO by Judd Lillestrand in March 2014. Ruby is a popular programming language used for building a variety of software quickly and efficiently, including websites and mobile applications. The goal of the Riverside Ruby Group is to provide a place for people involved in Ruby to expand their skills and to talk to other developers in the field.  It is also a place that people interested in learning about Ruby and about website development can come to find resources for learning and to learn more about the community.  Due to my positive experiences with the group, I eventually became one of the co-organizers for the group.

Riverside.IO has been a wonderful resource for the Riverside Ruby Group.  It has given us a place to meet every other week at no charge.  It has great facilities for our group, including a projector we can use for presentations, plenty of chairs and desks for our members, and fast WIFI.  And, due to the many technology groups that meet here, there is a cross pollination of people and ideas between the different groups.  Many of our members learned about our group from attending other technology Meetups or from working at Riverside.IO.

Between Riverside.IO and the Riverside Ruby Group, I've personally made a lot of new friends.  Its also helped me to connect with the larger technology and entrepreneurial communities in the region so that I have a network I can tap into for referrals, ideas, and expertise.  And it has even led directly to Judd and myself founding our current company, BitPeel ( together.

I look forward to being a part of Riverside.IO's continued growth and am excited to see what the future holds!

Matt Goatcher

Riverside.IO Member

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